Flaxseed for Healthy Skin and Coat

How I love my Flax Fur Pets nutritional supplement! As I continue to test the waters, it's the talk of the town as is the shampoo, no doubt because it consists of nothing but 100% natural, entirely human-grade ingredients. The owner of one of my accounts, North Beach Pet Supplies in North Beach, San Francisco, who breeds and shows Irish Setters, has switched from a much better-known supplement to mine because she swears that it has made her dogs' coats even more radiant than ever before.

I don't doubt it; it has one of the highest concentrations of flaxseed on the market for dogs, not to mention lecithin (to regulate metabolism and assist in weight loss) and kelp (one of the richest sources of trace minerals in the world, and loaded with 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, plant growth hormones and simple and complex carbohydrates).  In addition to doing wonders for our own health, it promotes heart health and the general well-being of animals. My own cat won't touch it, picky diva that she is, but I have two friends who sprinkle it into their cats' food, and they slurp it right up. I need to get this supplement OUT THERE, because it's great stuff. I also need to get the PR wheel rolling, get it into stores nationwide, get it blogged and chatted up... ahhh, so much to do, so little time! And so hard to do it all alone when you have ye olde full-time day job and only, as previously mentioned, nights and weekends to work on your passion.

But that's what passion is all about. You put your heart and soul into it, love the ride every step of the way, and hope that slow and easy really does win the race!