My New Blog

A new day for a new blog. I've been avoiding my computer, as I've been desperate to be MIA for awhile. I'm back, and my first order of business is my trusty new blog, which will today serve as a therapy session.

A horrible day, it was. I have a busy, frantic, demanding day job, and am launching my own business on the side - premium pet products, and fabulous ones, at that. The only times I have to work on my passion -- my baby -- are nights and weekends, and at the crack of dawn. It's been rough going emotionally, mentally and physically, as it is for most fellow small business launchers, I'm sure. My brain sometimes turns itself off and refuses to think anymore, and my eyes sometimes look like Mr. Magoo's. That said, all I need is a little encouragement from another small business comrade who has suffered or is still suffering through the same trials and tribulations as me, and I'm back on track and ready to forge ahead! But I digress. What made today a horrible day is that I had a very disenchanting, discouraging and gut-punching chat with a major retailer today. In not so many words, he hit me with a tirade about how many "real players" there are out there that I'm up against -- big, whopping companies that dominate the market and are going to be hard, if not impossible to compete with. Hey, dude, thanks for the vote of confidence! He did give me some good advice here and there, but all the while shooting me down and making me feel oh-so teeny weeny. It wasn't exactly what he said, but his harsh delivery that shattered me. The more I think about this the more blechh I feel, so I'm going to go buh-bye right now. One final thought: I could never be an actor or a musician. One "thank you very much... next, please," at an audition, and I'd bury myself under a rock and never come out again. Since I'm just a mere small business start-up chick, I blog, get it out of my system, have a glass of whine and move on...  Hmm. Not so bad after all!