Opie and Dixie Super Shampoo!

How can it possibly be months since I've written anything? It's not like I have a life or anything. So here's something that blew me away.

Since Opal and Dixie love to roll in the stinkiest, nastiest stinks they can find on the beach or in the park, I had to bathe them last weekend. I thought I'd try a competitor's shampoo -- it's a big, big seller; probably the biggest seller on the market. I love the smell of it, but I do have to say that the thick consistency is tough to rinse out. Well, only a couple of hours after I bathed Miss Opal (and rinsed reeeeeally well, as you've got to do with her thick fur), I noticed her scratching and munching on herself. When I went over to help her scratch (yes, yes, I do that -- God forbid should she have to scratch herself), to my surprise, she had white, dandruffy flakes all over her back. I grabbed her brush -- it's like a horse's curry brush -- and I brushed away. She was in heaven -- clearly, she was suuuuuper itchy -- but the more I brushed, the more dandruff there was. I didn't want to bathe her again right away because I don't believe that frequent baths are good for their skin and coats, but after a couple of days of worsening itchiness and scratchiness, I had to give her another bath, being sure to really rinse her out.

Itchy Skin Dog - Opie and Dixie Herbal ShampooI knew that my Opie & Dixie Herbal Shampoo was the ticket. It's a specialty shampoo that I developed specifically to combat dandruff, dermatitis and itchy, flaky skin. I scrubbed my little girlie, rinsed her well. and let her roadrun around the apartment. Hours went by, and... no munching on toesies! No scratch-scratch-scratch! No nuttin'! Swear to God! That was several days ago, and she's still itchy and scratchy-free! I kid you not, my shampoo ROCKS! There is just no other frickin' shampoo on the planet like it! There are some great smelling shampoos out there, but not one of them will have your dogs and cats looking and feeling as smooth, silky and shiny as my shampoo makes them look and feel.

What I love about my shampoo is that it's liquidy and foamy, so you only need to use very little because its texture allows it to flow straight down through even the thickest coat to really target the skin, yet it rinses out quickly and thoroughly. A dream-come-true! And, the Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Lavender and other herbs are not only soothing, naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, but they smell AMAZING. What can I tell you? Pure and simple, t's just great stuff and is ripe and ready to hit the ground running!