Preparing to Sell, Sell, Sell!

Is it really possible that my last blog was sooo long ago? A YEAR AGO? Wow. I'm a baaaad blogger. There has been so much to do and oh-so-little time! Something was bound to fall by the wayside, and blogging, it was.  Par for the course when you're starting your own business, I suppose. No staff, no help, no endless reserve of moolah and a wee bit of energy make it oh-so-difficult to do the myriad things you really need (and want) to be doing. That said, I'm just starting, and I have no intention of stopping. These are amazing, AMAZING pet products, and I'm determined to see more and more pets using them. More retailers, vets and groomers are now carrying the Opie & Dixie line, and they're reordering! And that's even without my having had a chance to tackle the PR and marketing that I need to tackle. The products are selling themselves!

Now, if I could only clone myself or find that sales rep to help me step up the pace. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a pet rep or distributor because I don't have a recognized brand. Branding takes time, and given that it's just li'l ol' me out there, it really IS taking time. Can you help me find that terrific sales rep, whether or not they have any experience at all in the pet industry? I'm actually paying above market, but I still can't find anyone who can work on a commission-only basis -- passion or no passion for pet health. Find rep, and ye shall reap good karma forever more.

For someone interested in the freedom of working their own hours, out of their own homes, and being out and about instead of sitting at a desk all day, this is a pretty neat gig. It's really the perfect opportunity for someone who's ready to hit the ground running and sell-sell-sell, and have a little fun doing it. The owners of most of the pet boutiques and mom and pop stores are just warm and wonderful folks.  It figures. Aren't most pet lovers? Hell, if I could even a stay-at-home mom to cold-call and set up my appointments, even that would help. Anyone with a warm, spirited personality (and who isn't shattered by a rejection as I am) will quickly see the tremendous growth and earning potential this position has to offer. Ideas, anyone?