Ten Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month in April

April is National Pet Month! The annual celebration highlights the benefits of pet ownership. It also supports pet adoption, increases public awareness of the different products and services provided to pets by professionals that work with animals, and increases awareness of the role played by companion animals. If you want to make this year’s month-long celebration extra special this year, why follow these ten tips:

  1. Adopt a shelter pet. Give an animal a new lease on life by bringing them home and making them part of your family. I strongly encourage you to consider adopting a senior or special needs pet... because, to quote the slogan of my heart’s most profound cause, Muttville, “because every dog [make that ever PET] deserves a happy ending.”
  2. Pamper your pooches and kitties. Treat your pet well by scheduling time for them to be bathed and brushed as well as have their nails trimmed. Opal, Dixie and Nunu (aka Kitten or Kittenu) have regular appointments with their mobile groomer ShearPets Mobile Grooming here in San Francisco every 5 weeks.
  3. Create nutritious treats for your pet from scratch. Look up recipes for nutritious, homemade snacks for your dog or cat. I have a blast baking organic treats and jerky! We'll be adding some yummy treats to our Recipes, but in the meantime, your pet will also enjoy a home-cooked meal. Check out some of the recipes we love!
  4. Visit a school or nursing home with your pet. If your dog or cat is good natured and won’t be stressed, share the joy and love they provide by scheduling a time to visit with children, the ailing or the elderly.
  5. Insure your pet. Find a reliable pet insurer and get the proper coverage needed to take good care of your beloved friend.
  6. Create a special gift for your dog or cat. Visit a website like Martha Stewart Pets for inspiration and create a handmade present for your furry friend.
  7.  Spend some quality time with your pet. As though don’t already, spend EXTRA quality time with them! Go for a walk, take a drive or add some minutes to at-home play. The point is to give your dog or cat your undivided attention.
  8. Have a professional photo taken of your pet. Candid shots of your pet are great, but nothing beats hiring a professional photographer!
  9. Go on vacation with your pet. Pick your location but make sure it’s pet-friendly. You can find a directory of accommodations that cater to animals by visiting PetsWelcome.com.
  10. Give them a fantastic collar to wear. Your pets love bling so make sure to treat them right by giving them a fantastic collar to put their tags on. We love etsy.com for unique items.

Come up with your own ideas to celebrate National Pet Month and share them with us. We love hearing about the things you do to make your pet’s life even more special.