Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Our Four Legged Family Members

Most pet owners spend money on their pets during the holidays -- I know I do! With this in mind, here are some great ideas to make your furry family members know how important they are to you. Most of these items are available both online and in stores throughout the country:

 · $ 3.99 – Snoutstik – Help heal your dog’s dry irritated nose with all natural healing balm and make dry noses a ‘Thing of the Past’. Available from Opie & Dixie in singles and 3-packs, online and in stores throughout the country.

 · $ 8.99 – Pet-Friendly Garden in a Bag – Grow an organic gift for your cat or dog in a leak-proof bag. Kit also contains soil, seeds, and coco chips for drainage. At Vat19.com.

 · $15.00 – Slide-On Pet ID Tag – Store your pet or pets' information on the PetHub webpage which may be scanned by most smartphones. Comes in small and large sizes. By Wag and available at stores everywhere.

 · $15.00 – Cat Grass Bowl – Give your feline friend a salad of wheat grass in a reusable steel recycled bowl to keep provide him with nutrients for healthy living and fiber to help him pass hair balls. Kit contains bowl, seeds, growing medium, and natural husks for drainage. Available at Uncommon Goods.com.

 · $16.50 - Freezy Pup’s Kit- A nice frozen treat for your dogs. One bone-shaped ice cube tray with four samples, White Cheddar Cheese, Banana Honey, Sweet Potato’ Maple, and Chicken Soup, that make up 14 treats. The kit and refill boxes are available from Amazon.com.

 · $ 39.95 – Hands Free Leash and Running Belt – You and your dog can exercise together! The belt is elasticized and comes with a zippered pack to hold waste bags. This great item is from In the Company of Dogs.

 · $ 39.99 – Motion Activated Pet Bowl – Motion sensor on top of bowl slides the doors open when pets are near. (After the pet is done, the doors close after 5 seconds.) Find this one at Sharper Image.

 · $ 109.99 – Heated Pet Hutch - Give your pet a warm bed for the winter. From Hayneedle.

 · $ 149.99 – Bamboo Kitty Ball Bed – Here is an item that will fit in most decors. Its funky design will make your pet proud. This one is at Hayneedle.

 · $ 165.00– Pet Gear Pink Roadster Pet Stroller- When your young or old dog still loves to run with you, take this pet stroller out with you. It will even hold your large dog. Folds flat for storage. Find this one Amazon.com.