Where to Find Unique Collars and Leashes

The brand new collars and matching leashes I just bought for Opal and Dixie from Puppy Love Collars on etsy.com just arrived, and they’re even more beautiful than they appeared online! There were so many unique and colorful designs to choose from that I really had a hell of a time narrowing them down to just one design. You’d have thought I was buying a house or something. Molly, the owner, handmade these collars just for Opal and Dixie, and not only were they much more reasonably-priced than the 'better' collars I’ve seen in boutiques, but you won't find them on every, single dog in the dog park, and you’ll immediately notice the love and care that’s gone into the making of them – truly. Best of all, there isn’t a blazing company name taking up half the collar. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s having the name of the brand emblazoned on the outside of the collar. Can you imagine clothing designers putting their tags on the outside of all their clothes? I love Michael Kors, but no one needs to know that’s who I’m wearing. I’ve always managed to clip the brand names off the collars I’ve bought, vowing never to buy those brands again (and sticking by my word). That being said, George collars have George brand tags sewn on discreetly, but because their logo is so simple and classy, it’s not intrusive. Those other brands, however, with their cutesy little logos? Not for me. Show me the collar, not who made it.

Word to the wise, the open-minded, the cool and creative folks out there: Support those independent artisans when you’re in the market for a new collar for your dog or cat – or just about anything else, for that matter. SHOP ETSY!!