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6 Tips On Keeping Your Senior Dog Happy & Healthy

Recently we celebrated National Puppy Day, but what about the other side of the coin when it comes to caring for our more senior canines? What are some ways we can keep them on a path to a happier and healthier journey to a longer life?

Check out these six tips on keeping our older dogs happy, healthy and well on their way into their senior years and beyond:

Tips For Choosing The Right Pet

Having a pet is one of the great joys in life. Having a pet provides companionship, friendship, and unconditional love. But getting the wrong kind of pet can be a disaster. (Just ask anyone who brought home a puppy that was too energetic or loud.) That’s why it pays to spend time preparing for a new pet before you take the plunge. It starts by figuring out which animal would be best. 

Key Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

Exercising with your dog isn’t only beneficial for you, but also for your pet. In this article, Jordan Walker, a pet blog enthusiast, and the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, explains the benefits of having dogs as exercise buddies. 

Flip Flops Dog

Back to the topic of Obesity

Ahhh, obesity; one of the most common canine (and feline!) conditions and the one I am most frequently compelled to write about. Surprisingly, few pet parents realize just how threatening obesity is to their pet’s health, so I thought I’d spend a little time on this one.

General Safety Tips for Pet Owners

There are several safety tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe. These come to us courtesy of the American Humane Association.

Don't Let Your Dog Ride In An Open Truck Bed

New Year’s Resolution: Fitness for You and Your Pet

Greedy DogThe New Year looks promising!  2015 is going to provide us with the opportunity to start fresh and keep on top of the goals that are most important to us.  Many of us resolve to eat better, exercise m

The Pit Bulls’ NOT So Surprising Past

I’ve always been a lover of pit bulls. There are three in our building, all of whom I’ve rolled around on the floor and played with. I love them, and I trust them as I trust most pits.