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Tips to Help Our Pets Beat the Heat

Summertime gives me plenty of reason to celebrate. Perhaps it's because I grew up overseas in the tropics that it’s never quite hot enough for me here in San Francisco. Frankly, it’s not even warm enough, let alone hot enough! Even though summer in San Francisco is much, much cooler than it is in other parts of the country, at least we do get that occasional, glorious burst of heat from time to time.

Whassup with Miss Opal?

Lately, Little Miss Opal has been quite the rebel.  If we believe in the “dog age in human years” chart, she would probably be around 60 right now. This can typically be the age at which we humans may become a little rebellious ourselves, saying whatever we want to say when we want to say it, feeling it unnecessary to censor our words and actions because of how comfortable we’ve become in our own skin.

Hit that Trail with Fido!

Are you ready for your next outdoor excursion with your dog(s)?  Dogs are the perfect companions for jaunts through the wilderness, and often the perfect motivators to ensure that you keep up as you hit the trails! The trick is to tailor the trail to your dog’s capabilities rather than simply your own. Dixie, for instance has a bit more “go for it” than Opal, so we need to keep an eye on how comfortable and capable they are when we go on our adventures.

Natural, Homemade Flea and Tick Remedies

Flea Tick RemedyThe reason I developed Opie & Dixie products (starting with Flax Fur Pets) in the first place was because of Opal’s flea allergy years ago. Ever since that one experience, none of our animals have ever had fleas.

Oh, Baby! Introducing Your Dog to Your New Infant

New babies bring change into your household.  In an instant, your attention shifts from caring for your dog to caring for your newborn son or daughter.  The arrival of a new family member can cause a feeling of uneasiness in pets, but it doesn’t have to.  By preparing for your baby’s arrival prior to your due date, you can ensure that your beloved companion takes to the infant right away.

Here are a few of the ways to get your pets ready for change:

Those Amazing Service Animals!

Service animals come in a variety of sizes, breeds, and colors.  They provide physical and emotional assistance to people who are blind, or suffering from medical conditions or mental disorders.  Panda, a miniature horse, leads Ann Edie through the streets of her city, pausing to let cars pass by.  Through a verbal cue, the animal alerts her owner t

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics and Products for Face and Body

We make choices every day that affect the world around us.  When we opt to boycott products, we are telling big corporations that we do not approve of their practices.  Sacrificing our values for the latest tube of lipstick or overpriced moisturizer is a thing of the past. 

China Zoo Has Some Explaining To Do After Mass Grave Containing 50 Animal Bodies Found

God, how I hate to report on these types of stories... I don't even know where I get the courage to write about them given how gut-wrenched and in pain I am as I write. It may seem as though I'm preaching to the choir when I share these nightmares with my fellow protectors of and lovers of animals, but awareness breeds change, which is what we're fighting for.