Fri 02.03.17

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility, especially for a first-time pet owner.  Like having children, it’s not all fun and games but is extremely rewarding and life-enhancing. 

Prepare Your Home

Your home is about to have a new family member and you should make sure it is ready.  Think about things that your new pet might be able to knock down or chew on, and move those items to higher ground or to a room where your pet will not be.  Look around... Read more

Fri 02.03.17
 Evolution of the Domestic Dog

Remains similar to domestic dogs have been found in burial sites in Siberia dating back as far as 33000 years ago. Similar remains have been found at archeological sites throughout the Middle East whose origins go back 10000 years ago.

Many changes have occurred in dogs as a result of their domestication and their relationship with people. These changes include both morphological changes (i.e. changes in form and structure)... Read more

Tue 12.20.16

Many dogs love to take a bath, but there are just as many who don't like it at all. But bathing your buddy is a fact of living with a four-legged partner, and if you use these tips, every bath is going to be a little easier and more fun for the both of you.


Get Everything Ready

Bathing may be hectic enough, especially if your best friend isn't much fond of it. But you can minimize a lot of hassle if you get... Read more

Tue 11.29.16

Dogs are much more than companions. Studies have long shown that dog owners live longer than those who do not own pets. Dogs have been shown to lower risk of heart disease, promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage exercise, and reduce stress. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder dogs can also be extraordinarily helpful in the event of addiction and mental illness. Whether pet, service dog, or therapy dog, here are a few ways your four-legged friend can... Read more

Wed 10.26.16

As animal lovers and purveyors of safe, natural and organic products for pets, we certainly don’t want to expose them to unnecessary threats from pesticides and other chemicals that can cause them harm, health issues or even death. But at the same time, we don’t want them aggravated by problems with pests, wildlife and other potentially dangerous animals.


For example, the majority of dog owners will protect their pets from heartworm, a dangerous and... Read more

Tue 09.27.16

Most people pay plenty of attention to the types of food they consume.   Whether the food is from a local farmer's market or it's the organic ingredients, do these people do the same for their four-legged family members?

Just like you, your pet needs to stay healthy to avoid costly vet bills, and it starts with the food they eat every day.  With an assortment of companies on the market, let's take a look at some of the best sellers on the market.

1. Party... Read more

Fri 06.17.16

The sales of popular pet care products are expected to reach almost $63 billion dollars this year. Although many of us purchase toys and treats for our animals, it doesn’t mean we’re stuck with traditional remedies when it comes to more natural solutions that are available. 

For example, mosquitoes pose a real threat to animals, even if they’re already on heartworm medication as a part of their basic health care routine, these pests can still inflict pesky,... Read more

Wed 06.01.16

  Science is continuing to improve the lifespan of not only humans but pets too. To put age into perspective, a 7-year-old dog is equivalent to a 49-year-old owner. A 7-year-old cat is equivalent to a 45-year-old owner. With a lengthier lifespan comes the responsibility for pet owners to be able to keep up with the annual cost of pet health and food expenses. And a loyal pet owner will want his or her dog around to live a happy, healthy life for as long as reasonably... Read more

Fri 05.20.16

In a dog’s lifespan, a family could have as many as 2,000 arguments over everything from cleanup duty to training to the dog’s whereabouts during vacations. Oddly enough, none of the top 20 human versus pet arguments include who’s left in charge should the pet owner pass away naturally or how to handle a pet during an emergency.

Why? Approximately 71 percent of people under the age of 34 and 41 percent of baby boomers (ages 50 to 70) haven’t bothered to create... Read more

Sun 05.08.16

Vision loss in dogs doesn’t always happen at once. Dog owners may notice subtle things like the dog not knowing a dish is full unless it sniffs for the smell of food or hears the dish being placed onto the floor. It could be that the dog doesn’t seem to run toward birds, squirrels or other things that it used to flee to as a puppy. 

Maybe the dog is suddenly clumsy, or starts bumping into furniture during the day or night.

Whatever the curious... Read more