Sat 10.10.09

Dogs around the country are looking for loving homes right now.  With that being said, what would be more fitting for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month than providing a supportive atmosphere for a four legged friend?  Rather than visit a pet store to find the dog of your dreams, think long and hard about the thousands of shelter animals who sit and wait anxiously for your visit.  Your decision is the difference between life and death for many of them.  In fact, the American... Read more

Tue 09.29.09

Older animals in shelters are often overlooked.  Those with special needs require extra care, more time, unlimited financial resources, and a healthy dose of patience.  Pet owners who are not looking to make a full-time commitment to their new four-legged friend may find caring for a healthy puppy or kitten easier.  Some prefer younger animals because they have the opportunity to be a part of their upbringing and training.  Others like babies because of their small... Read more

Sat 09.26.09

Studies have proven that direct contact with animals has therapeutic qualities.  Individuals that are disabled, ill, lonely, and depressed have responded positively to visits by their canine and feline friends.  Daycares, hospitals and senior care facilities have incorporated programs into their schedules that involve pet therapy or animal assisted therapy.

Essentially, these programs were created in an attempt to achieve two things. One, pet therapy helps... Read more

Mon 09.21.09

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson recently made headlines after a coyote snatched her beloved dog, Daisy.  Launching a massive search that enlisted the help of a pet detective, the 29-year-old star simply could not give up hope until the malti-poo was found alive.  Despite criticism from the public, Simpson hung posters and Tweeted updates about her missing pet.  Noting that her feelings were maternal and that she was ?Daisy?s mommy,? the young woman called off the... Read more

Mon 09.07.09

If you've read between the lines of a few of my blogs, you've already gathered that I have a profound interest in the care of senior animals, special needs animals, and animals with cancer. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Nadine M. Rosin, pet parent and author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood.

Nadine's beloved 8-year-old dog, Buttons, was diagnosed with cancer in 1992.  She was told that without amputation, chemotherapy and radiation within 48... Read more

Thu 08.27.09

Ok. When I first began to read this I felt so sorry for Banjo, the border collie. Of course, when Opal buries her face in mud and grass, acting as though she's never been fed in her entire life (a pretty standard Lab trait), I scold her too. But all she does is turn around and look at me, grass dangling out of her mouth, as if to say, "Yes? Did you call me?" And then turns back around to her grassy meal (aka, caviar), and I'M the one left humiliated. Anyway, I... Read more

Sun 08.16.09

I just read a blog on PetSugar which led me to It was about the characteristics that make pets less adoptable. Me, I'm the one who, if I could, would go out and purposefully pick out and adopt the less adoptable ones. We live in your a 2BR apartment, and one more doggie wouldn't be the best idea. Having just lost our little Nini, I'm *this* close to adopting not just one cat, but two. Why? Because two are typically less adoptable than one, and what... Read more

Wed 07.29.09

There are good bloggers, and not-so-good bloggers out there. The good ones have time to write regularly. Even if they don?t blog daily, they manage to keep a steady 2-or-3-times-a-week schedule. Moi? I regretfully count myself among the not-so-good ones. I guarantee you that I am not at a loss for topics.  Not in the least! What I am at a huge loss for is time. And, so, I apologize. I do have good intentions ? honest, I do! Good intentions just don?t always add up to... Read more

Fri 07.10.09

Technorati insists that I post this mysterious code in a blank post. Say no more. I aim to please: 27ki3xdhj6

Thu 07.09.09

I just read the most terrific, comprehensive guide on summer safety and fun for your pet. It's written in such a concise and straightforward manner that I'd love for you all to take a couple of minutes to read it. It's called, The Fun Times Guide. I shared a comment on the site about a fundraiser and adoptathon that I exhibited at about a year or so ago. The weather was scorching hot, and folks had brought their dogs along for the walk. The pavement was so hot that ... Read more