Tue 08.05.08

How can it possibly be months since I've written anything? It's not like I have a life or anything. So here's something that blew me away.

Since Opal and Dixie love to roll in the stinkiest, nastiest stinks they can find on the beach or in the park, I had to bathe them last weekend. I thought I'd try a competitor's shampoo -- it's a big, big seller; probably the biggest seller on the market. I love the smell of it, but I do have to say that the thick... Read more

Sat 07.26.08

Is it really possible that my last blog was sooo long ago? A YEAR AGO? Wow. I'm a baaaad blogger. There has been so much to do and oh-so-little time! Something was bound to fall by the wayside, and blogging, it was.  Par for the course when you're starting your own business, I suppose. No staff, no help, no endless reserve of moolah and a wee bit of energy make it oh-so-difficult to do the myriad things you really need (and want) to be doing. That said, I'm just... Read more

Tue 07.10.07

A new day for a new blog. I've been avoiding my computer, as I've been desperate to be MIA for awhile. I'm back, and my first order of business is my trusty new blog, which will today serve as a therapy session.

A horrible day, it was. I have a busy, frantic, demanding day job, and am launching my own business on the side - premium pet products, and fabulous ones, at that. The only times I have to work on my passion -- my baby -- are nights and weekends, and... Read more