Sun 07.13.14

Those of us who have, love and/or simply know animals, know about the healing power of animals.  That’s why dogs and cats are often companions for the sick and elderly.  People believe that the presence of an animal can actually help hospital patients recover quickly, but do we really know if the interaction is mutually beneficial for canines and felines?

Although there is very little scientific proof that regular visits from animals can help patients with... Read more

Sat 04.05.14

Pet theft is a phenomenon that is on the rise, but can be prevented.  By exercising the same type of caution you would use when protecting your children, vehicle or home, you can prevent your pet from disappearing.  In 2013, pet theft was on the rise yet again compared to the previous year, which is very alarming.  Protect yourself and your pet from being pet-napped.

Simple and Effective Tips for You to Follow

Keeping your pets safe from household dangers... Read more

Sat 03.29.14

Cats and dogs are among the world’s most beloved domestic pets.  As animals age, there are a number of things that can cause them difficulty in walking, playing, and doing everyday things like eating and sleeping.  There are different ways to keep pets healthy and active and while the suggestions are very useful, one thing that isn’t well-known is aromatherapy.  An ancient practice with noted benefits, the use of essential oils is growing in popularity as people seek... Read more

Sat 03.15.14

May is two months away and we'd like to thank our guest blogger, Charissa Struble forjumping the gun on this essential information and advice!

May is Chip Your Pet Month.  The annual initiative aims to reunite lost and stolen pets with their owners.  A microchipped pet stands a far greater chance of being found than a dog or cat that hasn’t had the tiny electronic device inserted between its shoulder blades.  Although a very effective way of identifying pets,... Read more

Sat 02.15.14

Each year, 2.7 million cats go missing; 12 thousand a week are never found---largely because people don't understand the proper way to search or they give up too soon. Kim Freeman of Lost Cat Recovery Services at Lost Cat Finder specializes in finding lost cats who've escaped from their homes or have lost their way and not returned home as usual.  Kim has coached people from all over the world to find their lost cats when nothing else has worked.

Locally,... Read more

Thu 11.28.13

The holidays are a festive time of year for all.  When purchasing gifts for your family members and friends, don't forget to include your pets on your shopping list.  Dogs and cats love getting new toys and snacks to eat just as much as you do!

We’ve compiled a little list of gifts for you to consider this holiday season.  We wanted to include a wide variety of choices in different price ranges to give you some options this Christmas.  Here are some of our... Read more

Wed 11.06.13

While cats require a high-protein diet, only about 25% of a dog's diet should be comprised of protein; and while it's a yummy treat, home-cooked rice and chicken does not a balanced meal make! A proper balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids is the ticket to optimal health. Fish and fish oil are rich in Omega 3's, but it's the ratio of Omega 3's to the 6's and 9's that is important. Those unattractive and often uncomfortable fatty lipomas that so many... Read more

Sat 10.05.13

Sunday, Oct 13  
10:00 - 11:30AM

Muttville Headquarters
Community Room
255 Alabama St. (corner of 16th)
San Francisco map

Muttville is incredibly excited and proud to announce their new workshop designed to teach animal guardians the best way to plan for the care of their animals when unforeseen circumstances arise. If you live in San Francisco, please make an effort to attend Muttville’s wonderful host Louise Thanos for a morning full... Read more

Fri 10.04.13

October is filled with excitement and adventure for our furry friends.  It’s a time of year when new smells, experiences and Fall adventures abound. The leaves are falling, the cooler weather makes for wonderful strolls and… pumpkins abound!   

Pumpkin isn’t just for people -- it’s great for dogs, too.  Not only do dogs find them yummy, but they help alleviate a variety of common canine health problems as well.

The Top 3 Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

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Fri 09.13.13

Photo Credit: Karen Arnold

If you’ve ever lost your dog for even a second, you know just how nerve-wracking it can be. There’s searching followed by waiting and even a period of time that worst case scenarios run through your mind. Hours, days, and weeks may go by without word of where your furry friend has gone to.

Many people will admit that losing a pet is akin to losing a child. The frustration felt... Read more