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A Thought or Two on Nutrition

While cats require a high-protein diet, only about 25% of a dog's diet should be comprised of protein; and while it's a yummy treat, home-cooked rice and chicken does not a balanced meal make! A proper balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids is the ticket to optimal health. Fish and fish oil are rich in Omega 3's, but it's the ratio of Omega 3's to the 6's and 9's that is important.

Hello, pun'kin!

October is filled with excitement and adventure for our furry friends.  It’s a time of year when new smells, experiences and Fall adventures abound. The leaves are falling, the cooler weather makes for wonderful s

September... A Month for Pet Observances

Pets and fun are synonymous.  That’s why it’s interesting to see what types of events are being offered in your local community for you and your furry friends. The month of September has a lot to offer pets and their guardians.  In fact, you’re likely to be out and about a lot during the fall because there is so much to celebrate!

Some of the events that are happening across the country are:

Second Sunday: National Pet Memorial Day

Ways to Enjoy the Weather with Your Pet This Summer

It’s summer time again and you know what that means!  It’s time to get outdoors with your dog and have some good old fashioned fun!  Nothing is more exciting than spending quality time with your pet. 

With August, National Dog Month on the way, we have turned our focus to that huggable, loveable, wagging four-legged friend we all enjoy every day of the year.  The warmer weather means that we can do so much more with our pooches outdoors. 

The Plastic Water Bottle Effect

Before you grab your next bottle of drinking water, consider the plastic bottle it comes in. How was the bottle produced and transported?  What is it made of?  And, more importantly, what happens to it once it becomes empty?

How It Was Produced/What It Is Made Of

How to Prepare Your Pet for Life Without You

It’s a grim subject, but one you need to consider as a pet guardian.  What would your beloved pet do without you?  Although most people take the precautions necessary to prepare their families for death, few realize how important it is to include their pets in their plans.