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Vision loss in dogs

Vision loss in dogs doesn’t always happen at once. Dog owners may notice subtle things like the dog not knowing a dish is full unless it sniffs for the smell of food or hears the dish being placed onto the floor. It could be that the dog doesn’t seem to run toward birds, squirrels or other things that it used to flee to as a puppy. 

Pets at the airport: Where to go when a dog has to ‘go’

 Whether you’re the homeowner who is fed up with dogs urinating or defecating on your lawn or you’re the dog walker to blame, pets peeing and pooping are always up for discussion.

Pool therapy for pets: Tips to get dog swimming to go swimmingly

Opal (Opie) and Dixie, once my little 3-month old puppies, are now 14! And, I must say, they’re in pretty darn good health, considering their age. Because they both have long backs and short legs, which often leads to vertebrae problems, the girls have been going for light, regular chiro alignments for the past several years. Opal gets acupuncture as well.

Pooch Alert! Dognapping is on the rise!

This topic came to mind because here in San Francisco I've noticed a troubling rise in missing dogs. Not too long ago, a Chihuahua was stolen from a a parked -- and locked -- car, outside a supermarket. An elderly Beagle was taken while tethered by the entrance to Whole Foods, in plain view of workers and customers.

Convincing your company to participate in an open-pet policy

In an interesting spin on a countdown of best workplaces, Contently ran down “The 6 Most Unique Co-Working Spaces in the World.” The workspaces for freelancers range from kayaking, scuba diving, climbing and surfing.

The working person's guide to preventing pet loneliness

If you’re a dog owner who has never come home to a suspicious piece of tissue, something half eaten from the garbage or a random shoe with tooth marks, your dog may be a robot. No matter what breed the dog is, or how well-behaved, something like this is bound to arise for even the best pet owner. And while the dog may initially be the first to blame, how many owners step back and wonder, “Did this happen because I was gone too long?”

'Hear' us out on dog ear health!

Just the thought of someone scratching a chalkboard can make humans cringe. Now multiply that feeling by two to five if a fire truck or vacuum is turned on. Welcome to the world of dogs and cats.

Tips for keeping dog paws healthy

From OCD to foxtail dangers and paw massages, the way a dog and its owner treats paws can affect everything from heart to legs. Check out these five tips to help improve a dog’s paw health.

Recognizing lick granuloma

People aren’t the only living beings who can develop obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Dogs can, too, but pet owners may mistake a pet repeatedly licking or chewing at its paws as playing around.