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Dog Training - Make Yours Positive, Reward-Based and Force Free

What school of dog training are you willing to subscribe to?  Were you only taught “old school,” William Koehler (dating back to 1946) “yank and crank” dog training, which uses negative reinforcement techniques such as intimidation, fear and punishment (including correction devices that you wouldn’t want used on yourself) to get your dog to do what you want?

Bad Dog, or Thoughtless Human?

Bad Dog or Bad HumanIf your dog is chewing up your possessions in your absence -- rugs, furniture, what-have-you - there is a strong possibility that there may be periods of yelping, howling and whining occurring as well.

The Healing Power of Animals in Hospitals

Those of us who have, love and/or simply know animals, know about the healing power of animals.  That’s why dogs and cats are often companions for the sick and elderly.  People believe that the presence of an animal can actually help hospital patients recover quickly, but do we really know if the interaction is mutually beneficial for canines and felines?

Five Things You Can Do Today to Prevent Pet Theft

Pet theft is a phenomenon that is on the rise, but can be prevented.  By exercising the same type of caution you would use when protecting your children, vehicle or home, you can prevent your pet from disappearing.  In 2013, pet theft was on the rise yet again compared to the previous year, which is very alarming.  Protect yourself and your pet from being pet-napped.

Simple and Effective Tips for You to Follow

Aromatherapy for Pets: Support and Solutions

Cats and dogs are among the world’s most beloved domestic pets.  As animals age, there are a number of things that can cause them difficulty in walking, playing, and doing everyday things like eating and sleeping.  There are different ways to keep pets healthy and active and while the suggestions are very useful, one thing that isn’t well-known is aromatherapy.  An ancient practice with noted benefits, the use of essential oils is growing in popularity as people seek to live healthier lifesty

How Microchipping Your Pets Can Save Their Lives

May is two months away and we'd like to thank our guest blogger, Charissa Struble forjumping the gun on this essential information and advice!

Lost Your Kitty? There is Hope!

Each year, 2.7 million cats go missing; 12 thousand a week are never found---largely because people don't understand the proper way to search or they give up too soon.

Pet Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are a festive time of year for all.  When purchasing gifts for your family members and friends, don't forget to include your pets on your shopping list.  Dogs and cats love getting new toys and snacks to eat just as much as you do!

We’ve compiled a little list of gifts for you to consider this holiday season.  We wanted to include a wide variety of choices in different price ranges to give you some options this Christmas.  Here are some of our favorite finds: