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The Dog Bark Park Inn Offers Plenty to Get Excited About!

You can't call yourself a "dog lover" until you've stayed at the Dog Bark Park Inn.  Located on US-95 outside of Cottonwood, Idaho, the beagle-shaped bed and breakfast is unique in every way.

Dry Noses Should Be a Thing of the Past!

What Causes a Dog’s Dry Nose?
Rain or shine, most dogs love romping outdoors, be it in the sun or snow. Unfortunately, summer can mean the risk of a sunburned snout, and winter says, “Hello, frostbite!” While a dry snout could be hereditary or a symptom of old age, the environment is often the greatest culprit. A few others are:

Clevercat Litterbox -- The Most Clever Invention of Mankind!

I have one word for this product, and I will repeat it three times: FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS. Tigger and Beau, both males, were the cleanest cats I’ve ever had. My two girls however, Nini, and now, the kooky Keetten or Keetteeng (official name: Mia) were the messiest creatures on earth. Nini could never aim straight and loved to kick up sandstorms, scattering litter halfway across California. Keetteeing is no different.

Where to Find Unique Collars and Leashes

The brand new collars and matching leashes I just bought for Opal and Dixie from Puppy Love Collars on just arrived, and they’re even more beautiful than they appeared online! There were so many unique and colorful designs to choose from that I really had a hell of a time narrowing them down to just one design.

Old Timeys Can Still Enjoy Good Timeys

As Opal and Dixie age, I try to remain aware that despite how vibrant and healthy they are, there comes a time in every pet's life when things slow down and life changes.  It's simply part of the aging process.  As much as we would like for our puppies and kitties to remain young and healthy forever, youth and health are fleeting.  Arthritis may creep in and affect their joints.  Some may develop skin and coat problems.  Others may sleep more throughout the day (Opal's always been a snoozer a

Tell the USDA that Animal Cruelty is Unacceptable

As a supporter of animal rights and The Humane Society of the United States, I feel a duty to share a heartbreaking and horrifying truth with you. You may find this difficult, if not impossible to read, just as I have found it deeply, deeply painful to write. If you can't bring yourself to read past the first few words, all you need to do is click on the following link and take a few seconds to sign the petition.

Spay Day 2011!

Today is the 17th Annual Spay Day, with critical spay/neuter events taking place across the nation and abroad. More than 50,000 animals were reported spayed or neutered in 2010, and we vow to increase that number by the millions.

Save San Francisco Off-Leash Dog Walking!

Running on the BeachWhether or not you live in San Francisco, if you’re a dog owner or dog lover you can empathize with how devastating “no dogs on beaches,” and “no off-leash dog walking” rulings would be to Bay Area dog owners.