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Opie & Dixie in February’s Natural Health Magazine!

Did you hear that we’re making news these days?  Well, we are!  I just received a copy of this February’s Natural Health Magazine, and lo and behold, there’s Opie & Dixie featured as Editor’s Pick on the Vital Pets page located on page 26.  How incredibly awesome is that?  Pretty doggone awesome indeed!

The Nightmare is Over

After 3 days of residing in limbo, the Opie & Dixie site is finally back up. Due to a technical domain issue that I have yet to make sense of, poor disappeared from view for three long, dreadful days. Anyone attempting to type in Opie & Dixie’s URL wound up with an ugly, “Site under Construction” message glaring at them. I am happy to say that the days of the evil message are over.

Diet, Diet, Diet

For some reason I have a hard time convincing folks that a good diet is essential to a healthier and longer life for their pet. Opal and Dixie are 9 years old and, knock on wood, they are as healthy as ever. They’re energetic, active, and their weight is well-maintained. Their vet visits are restricted to annual check-ups, the rare emergency (thank you, Dixie) and regular chiropractic adjustments to keep their long bodies in check.  Diet, diet, diet, I say!

Putting on the Pounds

Jumping CatStruggling to squeeze into our favorite jeans after too much holiday indulging isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Thankfully, once the holidays pass we can take control of our lives, get back into our normal routines and snap back into shape. Unfortunately, when our pets are fat, “taking control of their lives” isn’t really an option.

Mama's Day

Spa MassageThis holiday break has been all about the girls -- long walks on the beach, hours of playtime at the park and nursing Dixie back to recovery.

How to Spend your Time Off this Holiday Season

"Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs." (J. R. Ackerley) Give your pets the best holiday gift ever and spend lots and lots and lots of time with them during your time off this holiday season! Opal and Dixie haven’t left my side in days, and I have no intention of leaving theirs.

Happy Holidays For Real!

Well, the "little" glucosamine overdose wasn’t so little after all. By mid-morning on Sunday, while Opal was doing fine, Dixie was still unusually lethargic, so I decided to do what I should have done the night before. I called ASPCA Poison Control. I regret saying that I wasn’t all that surprised when they told me to rush both girls to the emergency room.

Little Monsters

Guilty DogI buy Opal and Dixie’s Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM supplements in bulk – 240 Joint Max or Synovi G3 chews in a tub. I make sure they get a chew a day because they’re short-legged, long-backed doggies and I want to ensure that their joints and connective tissues get the support they need.