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Lance, One Remarkable Therapy Dog

Move over Lassie, there's a more heroic dog in town!  A five year old paralyzed dachshund recently made headlines because of the role that he plays as a pet therapy dog.  Once a week, Super Lance, a nickname given to him by adoring fans, visits Miami Children's Hospital and serves as inspiration to the youngsters who spend their days recovering from serious illnesses and lifesaving surgeries.  The pint sized pooch had his spinal cord damaged by two herniated discs which made it possible to ge

Donating Unwanted Fur: One Way to Give In 2010

Women around the world inherit items from loved ones that they do not want or need.  Many of these items include fur coats and stoles.  Rather than toss these articles out, opt instead to make a tax-deductible donation to PETA. 

In addition to using them in their educational programs and displays, PETA also gives them to impoverished people in bitterly cold climates like Afghanistan.  The coats are then cut into blanket sized pieces and given to refugees who put the fur to good use.

Help Your Dog Lose the Leash Without Losing Your Mind

Sit.  Heel. Stay.  These are commands that most well-trained dogs learn.  If Fido passed obedience classes with flying colors and responds well to direction, then you might consider letting him go off-leash.  If he is prone to chasing cars and can't be tempted by treats, he might not be the ideal candidate when it comes to roaming free.

Here's how you can be absolutely sure that your pooch is ready to lose the leash.  Ask yourself:

Flyer, The Best Dog Ever

FlyerEvery dog is The Best Dog Ever, and Flyer was no exception.

The 411 on Pet Insurance

Insurance for PetsOne medical emergency can really put you in the "doghouse," so to speak.  Aging pets require extra care, and that can lead you to shell out extra bucks if you're not prepared.  Rather than sit around and wait for the proverbial shoe to drop, smart pet owners are taking matters into their own hands by electing to insure thei

Holiday Gift of Charity in Your Pet's Name

How to Give a Gift of Charity In Your Pet's Honor This Holiday Season

Crafting for Critters: A List of Charitable Organizations Seeking Your Handcrafted Items For Donation

Tis' the season to spread goodwill.  That being said, there are a number of ways to be charitable during the holidays that don't require you to spend a lot of money.  In fact, non-profit organizations around the globe prefer handcrafted items over store-bought ones.  Here is a list of pet-friendly groups seeking your sewn, quilted, knitted, crocheted, and hand-built items for use in their facilities:

Preparing Pets for the Holidays

Pets at Holiday TimeHoliday preparations can take their toll you, your household, your families, and even your pets.  The joy of the season can be a lot to handle and your feathered, finned, and four legged friends should not be excluded from your festivities.  Here's a few things to remember when making holiday arrangements that include your pe