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Dog Humiliated in Front of Entire Park

Ok. When I first began to read this I felt so sorry for Banjo, the border collie. Of course, when Opal buries her face in mud and grass, acting as though she's never been fed in her entire life (a pretty standard Lab trait), I scold her too. But all she does is turn around and look at me, grass dangling out of her mouth, as if to say, "Yes?

Muttville's Tuki

I just read a blog on PetSugar which led me to It was about the characteristics that make pets less adoptable.

Canine Cancer

There are good bloggers, and not-so-good bloggers out there. The good ones have time to write regularly. Even if they don?t blog daily, they manage to keep a steady 2-or-3-times-a-week schedule. Moi? I regretfully count myself among the not-so-good ones. I guarantee you that I am not at a loss for topics.  Not in the least! What I am at a huge loss for is time.

A Strange Concept

Technorati insists that I post this mysterious code in a blank post. Say no more. I aim to please: 27ki3xdhj6

Summer Safety (and Fun!) for Your Pet

I just read the most terrific, comprehensive guide on summer safety and fun for your pet. It's written in such a concise and straightforward manner that I'd love for you all to take a couple of minutes to read it. It's called, The Fun Times Guide. I shared a comment on the site about a fundraiser and adoptathon that I exhibited at about a year or so ago.

Independence Day Fireworks... Yikes!

As Independence Day weekend approaches, I thought I would send out this quick reminder to all: Animals are inherently terrified of ultra-loud, explosive blasts of sound such as those of fireworks. In our neighborhood we seem to see more "Lost Dog" and "Lost Cat" signs in and around our parks just after the 4th of July holiday. It's not a stretch to suspect that having been subjected to the sound of fireworks, these pets darted off in sheer terror.

Living to Ripe, Old (Really Old!) Ages

I'd heard on the news last year about the passing of Bella, the lab mix who died at the ripe old age of 29.

A Word on Holistic Veterinary Medicine

I believe that traditional and integrative veterinary medicine play equally important roles in an animal's well-being, and that both modalities can and do complement each other. I bring Opal and Dixie to their traditional, "family" vet annually for their check-ups. Although neither of them has ever had a serious illness, were either of them to fall ill, I would first bring them to their regular vet.