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Getting Rid of that Cat Pee Smell

This is my favorite ?get rid of cat pee? site.  Cat pee serves two purposes: to offend and destroy. Nini succeeds on both counts. Nini?s pee, packaged, would be an effective biological warfare weapon. It could wipe out an entire nation in moments. Mr.

A Shampoo Story

The craziest thing! I could I have forgotten to share this story?

Somewhat Pet-Related and Somewhat Not

Back on track! Had a successful surgery in December, recovered well enough to return to my day job part-time, and am now taking a little break as I embark on Caca Chemo and all the rest of it. Yippee (not for the upcoming treatments, but for the little break from work).

Not Really About Pets...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, and this may throw a little wrench in my blogging capabilities, depending upon what my treatment holds in store for me.

I'm Baaaack!

Yikes... it's me again... the worst blogger on the planet. But I ask you again: where the hell does one find the time, for cryin' out loud? I've suddenly found myself with such a busy life, with barely time to do the laundry, vacuum or water the plants, let alone blog. But I'm going to be more diligent; I promise! So get this: I was recently on KRON Channel 4... one of the major local TV stations in the Bay Area.

Debbie on Kron 4

Here I am, chatting about Opie and Dixie products on KRON 4, "The Bay Area's News Station."