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H1N1 and Our Pets

We all have questions about protecting ourselves from the H1N1 virus, but how about our pets? How susceptible are they to the virus, and how can we protect them? The tips below may come in handy:

Is H1N1 Swine Flu Transmittable to My Pets?

Preventing Parvo

Preventing Parvo: How to Protect the Ones You Love

The Trials, Tribulations and Eventual Thrill of Adopting a New Kitty

After Nini passed away in June, I knew I wanted to adopt another cat right away. Although I was enjoying not having to change the cat litter, clean up Nini's bad aim from around the cat litter, and having to clean the kitchen counters every minute (I only use eco-friendly cleaners, which I can only hope did/do the job), I love cats, and missed Nini.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Offers Its Share of Warm and Fuzzies

Dogs around the country are looking for loving homes right now.  With that being said, what would be more fitting for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month than providing a supportive atmosphere for a four legged friend?  Rather than visit a pet store to find the dog of your dreams, think long and hard about the thousands of shelter animals who sit and wait anxiously for your visit.  Your decision is the difference between life and death for many of them.

Doggie Discrimination: What Characteristics Make One Shelter Animal More "Adoptable" Than Another?

Older animals in shelters are often overlooked.  Those with special needs require extra care, more time, unlimited financial resources, and a healthy dose of patience.  Pet owners who are not looking to make a full-time commitment to their new four-legged friend may find caring for a healthy puppy or kitten easier.  Some prefer younger animals because they have the opportunity to be a part of their upbringing and training.  Others like babies because of their small s

Pet Therapy Programs Provide Smiles for Everyone Involved

Studies have proven that direct contact with animals has therapeutic qualities.  Individuals that are disabled, ill, lonely, and depressed have responded positively to visits by their canine and feline friends.  Daycares, hospitals and senior care facilities have incorporated programs into their schedules that involve pet therapy or animal assisted therapy.

Mourning the Loss of a Pet

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson recently made headlines after a coyote snatched her beloved dog, Daisy.  Launching a massive search that enlisted the help of a pet detective, the 29-year-old star simply could not give up hope until the malti-poo was found alive.  Despite criticism from the public, Simpson hung posters and Tweeted updates about her missing pet.  Noting that her feelings were maternal and that she was ?Daisy?s mommy,?

The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood

If you've read between the lines of a few of my blogs, you've already gathered that I have a profound interest in the care of senior animals, special needs animals, and animals with cancer. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Nadine M.